Ps3 via PC monitor with sound

Recently I picked up some very cheap ps3s and got pretty lucky. Now I have a working one but no TV or anything like that to play it on. I do however have a nice 24″ pc monitor. Why not use that? But wait … no sound. This guide will help you setup a ps3 with sound on a PC monitor.

What you need:
HDMI cable.
PS3’s old style connector to RCA/composite
HDMI to DVI converter (My monitor does not have HDMI in)

Hook the PS3 up to your monitor. Go to:

Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Output Settings

Then select: Audio input controller connector/AV Multi

This will now pump the sound out through the old left and right channels of the RCA connection. Now a female left/right audio connector to audio jack will do it.

Or if you really don’t like spending money. A pair of crocodile clip wires later …

Now you can plug this into whatever. I use the front mic on my PC. In the recording devices tab of your system’s sound settings FIRST take the volume down to something like 5. It comes through VERY distorted and at some ridiculous volume. in the listen tab of the mic/line in properties tick the listen box. You should now be able to hear your ps3 through your PC speakers.
(Still need to add a bit to this but that is the general outline)

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