Nikon CoolPix S6100 will not charge

After looking for an answer for this problem I see that there are a few reviewers that are having the same problem so I figured I would post the answer I found. I’m sure that this solution may apply to lot of other people having the same problem with similar Nikon cameras.

First of all, Symptoms:

  • Trying to charge with the USB wall charger does nothing
  • Trying to charge using the computer does nothing
  • No response from pressing the on button
  • No green charge light pulsing
  • It worked before (Could have used it happily before this or be brand new)


My Method and Conclusion (I do not recommend this, look at “The Solution” below):

In my case I just happened to have a multi-purpose charger that I bought not too long ago for li-po batteries. This has a lot of functions and can also charge Li-ion (Which are most camera batteries). I setup the charger for One Cell Li-ion 3.7v charge rate of 0.4a and tried to charge. It errored and said the battery voltage was too low. I changed the 3.7v to auto detect and sent it on its way. I kept a close eye on it as there are many stories of li-po batteries catching fire with incorrect voltages. The problem was that the battery had discharged so much that the charger no longer recognised it as the right battery and errored I think the start voltage was 2.5v where the minimum should be 3.7v and fully charged at 4.2v. After putting the battery in the camera after ten minutes of charging I got a screen, after another twenty it loaded and I could use the touch screen and take a picture or two. I then tried plugging in the camera to the computer and it charged (Computer charging has to be turned on in the menu). Just to be sure I tried the wall plug usb charger and that worked too. Success

So what had happened?
The battery had discharged so much that it was no longer considered the right battery by a balance charger and more likely did not have enough power to to check the USB connection and internally balance charge itself. So flat that it could’nt bring itself to charge itself.


The Solution:

I cannot guarantee this will work for you as there are some other things it could be however here is my proposed solution.

I haven’t tried this but I am assume that it should work (Please please confirm if it works for you!). As the battery is so low it cannot charge via the camera it stands to reason that the battery charger would work, an external one you put the battery in. These are £6-20 off eBay but make sure you get the right one!

The other solution is to get another battery off the Internet somewhere but remember the mAh number is how long it will last, the bigger the better. The standard one with the S6100 is 1050mAh at 3.7v but check what your camera battery says. I found a battery for £9 but the mAh wasn’t listed and whether that was with p&p I cannot say.

I would say these are your two main general consumer solutions, but for those of you who are more technical and want to try revive your battery like me just remember that it may be a little damaged as it was discharged past 3.7v. Read up on li-ion batteried and make sure you charge the correctly with the right method and voltage. The default charger with mine said it charged at 450mAh so I went under and charged at 400mAh

Hope this helps

EDIT: Looking at the comments I have received over the past year this seems to have been a hit. Also it looks like this is quite common with all cameras that rely on an on board battery balance charger.

Camera not charging?

Try an external charger



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25 Responses to Nikon CoolPix S6100 will not charge

  1. Berns says:

    Whomever wrote the message: BIG THANKS.

    Sinterklaas (some kind of santaclaus visiting Belgium on December 6th) brought an S6100 for my 6 year old daughter. It worked as a charm, until I encountered the problem that has been well described in the “blog” I’m now giving feed-back on.

    My conclusion was: Let’s find a battery charger that is compatible with the EN-EL12 battery and try to charge it. The result was positive.

    For those who would like to know what charger I used:ÄT-LADEKABEL-NETZTEIL-KFZ-LADER-EN-EL12/dp/B0036X9HG6/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1334659947&sr=1-1-spell

    Just €8.90 and €1.90 shipping via regular mail.
    From order to delivery it took 12 calendar days.
    It was worth waiting.

    You saved me from buying a new battery (an original one cost as much as €30) or taking the camera in for reparation while it was still working fine.

    A pitty that there is no warning for this phenomenon in the manual of the product (at least I did not find it).


  2. tomawesome says:

    wonderful advice and shame on Nikon for allowing such a bug. Same problem happened to me. I gave my dead battery a 10 minute charge using an incompatible charger (wired it up in an old-skool fashion) which was enough to get the camera to come back to life enuf to charge it up completely. Yea! Back to shame on Nikon: why don’t they include the external charger which would fix all this? BAD! and Nikon’s support advice says mail it away for warrantee work. Really? That’s the best you can do Nikon? BAD! The camera is decent, but the battery issue stinks. my two cents.

  3. JAG says:

    I’m glad that my tinkering with things is starting to help people. This is exactly why I setup this blog, to share answers.

  4. Skywalker says:

    Very very thanks for you people.

    It’s happened with me too… My cam shuttedown, and my battery was dead…
    I followed what tomawesome said and used a generic charger for about 30 minutes.. Then I put back onto my cam and it worked.
    Finally I finished the charge with the cam

  5. maz says:

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to offer your solution. I have just ordered a plug in charger from Amazon.

  6. Cass P says:

    I too had the battery problem, but ended up sending it in. Meanwhile I purchased a new battery and when the camera returned, supposedly fixed, I tried both batteries. The original was dead and unchargeable; the new one worked just fine.

    I think I have a different but related problem: my Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop does not recognize the camera for charging or transfer. This was actually what prompted me to send it in. I have just received it back for the second time and they tell me they changed out the USB port and the camera is working perfectly. Yet, my PC will not recognize it.. I can charge thru USB and the electric adapter, but that is all. I’m noow going round and round with Nikon about this persistent problem.

    • JAG says:

      Glad to hear you got your battery problem fixed one way or another but the computer not recognising the camera sounds more like a driver issue. Most things are automatically detected but you seem to be having issues with this.
      Lets see if I can do anything for you. What camera do you have? Also what Operating System are you running? (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux ect).
      Have you tried plugging the camera into any other computers?
      Are you confident that the USB port is working?
      A assume the laptop will no charge or detect the camera with either of the two batteries in it?

  7. Jeff says:

    Unfortunately, my daughter took her S6100 on a once in a lifetime trip with her grandmother to Africa (from the USofA). After the first day the camera went dead and she was unable to take pictures the rest of her stay. They were able to locate another cable, hoping that was the problem, but were still unable to get the camera to turn on. Two weeks later she arrived stateside and asked Dad (me) to fix her camera. I can’t fix much, but I do have the internet. 🙂 THANKS to YOU the camera is back in business. Maybe her grandmother will take her back to Africa to get the missed shots. 🙁

  8. mj says:

    Great Fix!!! Worked on mine as well. I bought an aftermarket charger and it worked like a charm. I dont htink nikon would have charged me but i woould ahave had to pay shipping and insurance. Thanks again

  9. Mary Rezac says:

    I also bought an external charger at Best Buy, works fine now.

  10. Frank Motola says:

    Bought my wife a Nikon Coolpix s6100 last year, Dec. 8, 2011 and she didn’t use it much – brought it to me and said it was dead a few weeks ago and when I tried to recharge it did nothing. Direct to AC or to USB. Nothing on the camera indicated that it was charging. I assumed that since it had been so long it must be a battery problem. Bought a new battery and when it was worn down almost gone, we tried to charge using the Nikon charger that came with the camera with same result. The Nikon charger or the camera charging circuit do not work. Spent hours reading others horror stories with shipping the camera back and Nikon’s inability to acknowledge the problem on a large scale. Anyone one who has searched for an answer realizes that immediately (except Nikon, they just tell you to reset the camera). Well, as you may have read already there is a solution. Go to Best Buy and purchase a direct to battery charger, cutting out going through the camera to charge and your batteries will charge for use in the s6100. The charger is called a Digipower and cost about 45 bucks, cheaper than a new camera like this for sure! The guys at Best Buy are great, they even opened the product and charged my dead battery before I purchased the new charger to be sure it would work! Best Buy gets a A+, Nikon gets an F! Did they forget that customers talk to each other?

  11. Robin H says:

    Just FYI, as I was reading this, I was afraid I was going to have to buy an external charger BUT I just removed and reinserted my battery, then plugged USB cable back into my laptop and now the green light is flashing again and it seems to be charging. Whew! Glad I found this site though!

  12. Lee Witham says:

    I had the exact problem (non-charging Coolpix S6100). Solution above worked perfectly. I bought an external charger for that very battery (EN-EL12) for about $6 U.S. on, charged the “dead” battery for 20 minutes, and presto, the camera again recognized the battery and proceeded to normally charge it up. Simple, logical solution to a ridiculous problem.
    Thanks much.

  13. Jimmy says:

    Thank you for this info. Buying a universal adapter from Best Buy for $32 solved my battery charging problem. Last time I had this problem I bought a new battery and likely discarded a perfectly good one while thinking it was defective.

  14. Seb says:

    You can “jump start” the battery on a lab power supply where you can set the voltage to 3.7v. Variable current is even better just give it enough for a small charge.
    I just did one only took about 30 seconds just to give it enough power for the camera to read it and take over.

  15. lil Duece says:

    I had the same prob – not charging, no power . After reading the coments I tried boosting the battery . Like a car neg to neg and pos to pos . Hold for approx a min using a fresh 6 volt battery I had lying around . Reinserted into camera and presto the camera’s charger took over . My cost – $0 .

  16. Mr E Mann says:

    Try removing the SD card and trying to charge without. That worked on mine
    Also, check the Nikon website… there is a firmware upgrade to try to eliminate this issue occurring again

  17. Dana says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I bought a new battery for $30 from Best Buy when the green light on my Nikon Coolpix S6100 camera did not come on when the camera was plugged in for charging. Only lasted a short while and then the same thing happened – no green light. I didn’t want to purchase another battery so soon and it never occurred to me that it was the charger. I bought the KasterUSA EN-EL12 replacement battery from Amazon for $4.99 and the external compact battery charger for Nikon EN-EL12 from Theo&Cleo for $5.57 – both with free shipping! Both worked great and now I have 2 functioning batteries and a charger that works.

  18. Jenny Atkins says:

    After about 50 photos encountered this problem. Ss was on a long driving trip across Australia tried all my chargers comnected to an inverter for 240v power for phones, forbits and gps and nothing worked. I was ready to throw this $300 piece of crap when in desperatopn I tried the phone charger that I keei that plugs into cigarette lighter and it worked. In saying this I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND A NIKON POINT and shoot. Your samsung galaxy will do the job just as well with far less stress.

  19. Alejandra Alvarez says:

    I removed the SD card as suggested above and it worked! It charged the battery again.

  20. Sonya says:

    PERFECT solution!! I was at wits end with my Coolpix S6300. Ordered an inexpensive external charger on ebay and viola’…battery was charged in just a couple hours and works perfectly! Extra plus is that the charger ($13) came with two extra EN-EL12 batteries. Just in case!! So THANK YOU for the very good advice. I was ready to pitch the camera and buy new!

  21. Jewelbrian Flair says:

    Please give this man a bells! I mean the original Author of this article. Worthwhile information, more life to this blog. Thanks a lot.

  22. Ivan Hance says:

    S3000 COOLPIX I removed SD card, kept plugging in and unplugging the charger cable after a 4 or 5 times camera battery started charging. Downloaded firmware and will update camera tonight.

  23. Jeff Bee says:

    Using a pair of double ended alligator test lead/jumper cables, with one clipped onto a 9 volt battery’s positive output terminal touch contacting the Nikon Battery positive terminal and the 9 volt battery negative output terminal touch contacting the Nikon battery negative terminal and held still in place for 30 seconds. Removed the charging cord from the camera, then reinserted both. This “quick” charge did the trick and now the camera’s green charging light is flashing along…The green charging light actually starts flashing quickly upon initial charging state then slows down to a more constantly on state as charging cycle progresses….

  24. ammonite says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this insightful and helpful information. Have a wonderful week and holiday season.

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