Nikon CoolPix S6100 will not charge

After looking for an answer for this problem I see that there are a few reviewers that are having the same problem so I figured I would post the answer I found. I’m sure that this solution may apply to lot of other people having the same problem with similar Nikon cameras.

First of all, Symptoms:

  • Trying to charge with the USB wall charger does nothing
  • Trying to charge using the computer does nothing
  • No response from pressing the on button
  • No green charge light pulsing
  • It worked before (Could have used it happily before this or be brand new)


My Method and Conclusion (I do not recommend this, look at “The Solution” below):

In my case I just happened to have a multi-purpose charger that I bought not too long ago for li-po batteries. This has a lot of functions and can also charge Li-ion (Which are most camera batteries). I setup the charger for One Cell Li-ion 3.7v charge rate of 0.4a and tried to charge. It errored and said the battery voltage was too low. I changed the 3.7v to auto detect and sent it on its way. I kept a close eye on it as there are many stories of li-po batteries catching fire with incorrect voltages. The problem was that the battery had discharged so much that the charger no longer recognised it as the right battery and errored I think the start voltage was 2.5v where the minimum should be 3.7v and fully charged at 4.2v. After putting the battery in the camera after ten minutes of charging I got a screen, after another twenty it loaded and I could use the touch screen and take a picture or two. I then tried plugging in the camera to the computer and it charged (Computer charging has to be turned on in the menu). Just to be sure I tried the wall plug usb charger and that worked too. Success

So what had happened?
The battery had discharged so much that it was no longer considered the right battery by a balance charger and more likely did not have enough power to to check the USB connection and internally balance charge itself. So flat that it could’nt bring itself to charge itself.


The Solution:

I cannot guarantee this will work for you as there are some other things it could be however here is my proposed solution.

I haven’t tried this but I am assume that it should work (Please please confirm if it works for you!). As the battery is so low it cannot charge via the camera it stands to reason that the battery charger would work, an external one you put the battery in. These are £6-20 off eBay but make sure you get the right one!

The other solution is to get another battery off the Internet somewhere but remember the mAh number is how long it will last, the bigger the better. The standard one with the S6100 is 1050mAh at 3.7v but check what your camera battery says. I found a battery for £9 but the mAh wasn’t listed and whether that was with p&p I cannot say.

I would say these are your two main general consumer solutions, but for those of you who are more technical and want to try revive your battery like me just remember that it may be a little damaged as it was discharged past 3.7v. Read up on li-ion batteried and make sure you charge the correctly with the right method and voltage. The default charger with mine said it charged at 450mAh so I went under and charged at 400mAh

Hope this helps

EDIT: Looking at the comments I have received over the past year this seems to have been a hit. Also it looks like this is quite common with all cameras that rely on an on board battery balance charger.

Camera not charging?

Try an external charger



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