A Good (If Not Better) Alternative to Fraps

Not too long ago I was looking to record some video from a game for free. This sounds easy enough but after looking around it was either forking out for Fraps or some other underperforming peice of software that couldnt keep up and insisted on water marking everything. I thought the only way would be to mirror my screen and record the second output with some specialist hardware. Shortly after I decided to not bother …

BUT after getting annoyed at how the overclocking tool that came with my graphics card worked I went to replace that. After using this new peice of software it turns out it has a decent recorder built in, when recording at 1080p it dosent have a harsh effect on gameplay and recording at half frames were good enough anyway.

So, What is this magical tool?

MSI Afterburner
If you dont know what overclocking is I wouldnt change any settings and just use it to record video from your games. All you have to do is load up, set your hot keys and you are ready to go!

Below is an example of the settings for the video capture:

And here is a video I recorded with it! Up the quality and fullscreen it! … Youtube has made it a little worse than it was but I’m sure you will still be happy with the original recording: An Example

Here is the MSI Afterburner Website: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/overview.htm

In conclusion I think it is great, And Free!

Here are some VLC screenshots from a video I recorded. Its still great!

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